I hope you are sitting comfortably with a nice cup of something in your hand, because you are in for one heck of a blog post! Haha.. 😀 I think this was the wedding where it became pretty aparent to me that i’m a total detail freak. And super trigger happy. I mean really, how many pictures does one need of shoes?! Apparently, A LOT! 😉 Everything wedding makes me all giddy and happy, I really try to capture everything, down to the smallest detail. Jessica and Vitaly had a dreamy fairytale wedding and I just could not get enough! Prep shots were taken at the Nines Hotel in downtown, and the gorgeous Rolls Royce drove the couple around during the formal photos before dropping them off at their church to say their I do’s! After a fun and eventful wedding, we caught a gorgeous sunset overlooking the stunning scenery of the Portland skyline. A few weeks later, when these two returned from their honeymoon, a trip to the beach was in order! Again, we lucked out with perfect weather and an incredible sunset… aaaah I was on cloud 9! I also edited some of these photos a little bit differently, and am TOTALLY digging the look!!

Sit back and relax, here is their story…

Hair: brides aunt

Makeup: Lana Mazun

Prep site: The Nines Luxury Hotel

Venue: Sulamita Evangelical Church

Decor: Vika with Luxury Events

Florist: Oksana with Bouquets Unlimited

Dress: custom made

Shoes: Ivanka Trump

Bridesmaid dresses: custom made

Those eyes! Those eyes! She was just so gorgeous!

AMAZING flowers! Pure perfection…

details, details, details..

Jessica LOVED her dress! And so did I 🙂

Hello Mrs.Vogue Bride!!

The stunning ladies of the wedding party!

Vitaly, the cheerful and handsome groom!

Not a single photo wasn’t perfect of them together…

Work that veil girl!

Snazzy Rolls Royce.. ohhh yea 😉

Hehe love this, they were so excited to get married!!

Reception decor blewwwww me away! Luxury Events killed it yet again 🙂

I MUST comment on this gorgeous creation called a cake! I mean, have you EVER seen a more awesome wedding cake?! I haven’t!! Really, so so cute!

Remember.. i’m a detail freak… lol


Her sweet sister sang them a song… awee!

Evening photos… romance is in the air 😉

Throwing bouquets and necklaces at the photographer! What?! ok.. it was my idea… 😀

Loooooove this picture. So pretty and feminine!

Be still my vintage heart! Geeeeee!

And here’s DAY TWO! Started in downtown and headed to the coast! Heck yes we had a total blast!

Love. Everything. About. This. Image. (like, her tousled wind-blown hair, for example..)

Haha they were having a ball..

Remember I said we got an awesome sunset… boo ya! Couldn’t have asked for better myself 🙂