Val and Lily’s wedding was one of the most memorable weddings i’ve had the pleasure to photograph! The amazing and charming Gray Gables Estate in Portland set the scene for this lovely garden wedding, decor and florals were planned to perfection (I mean seriously, the decor details had me trigger happy on another level), and really, the whole day was a dream.¬†Lily had a vision of photos with a lot of greenery, so after getting ready and first look at Hotel Deluxe in downtown, we headed off to Suavie island for their creative session. Their reception MC’d by TheAndreys made sure everyone had an amazing time, and a perfect sparkler exit ended this dreamy day!

You guys. This is also the couple who took me to SANTORINI, GREECE for their second day shoot!! YES, you read that correctly. GREECE!! That post is coming up next, so stay tuned! To sum it up in one word: EPIC. The end.

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