One of the things I really love about being a wedding photographer, is that I always get to be around happy people. Weddings are such fun and joyful events, everyone is always in such a great mood! It kinda rubs off on me when I show up at the brides house  a little on the sleepy side after a long night of editing… haha. Everyone is so jolly, bustling around as the bride finishes up last minute touch ups, it can’t help but make you in A Really Awesome Mood 🙂

There are also a few other things that make me reeeeeeeeeeeeally happy. Like when my bride and groom are really super duper in love. And when they both have such contagious laughs (like for example,  Stan). And of course, a killer wedding party (these guys sure know how to jam in the limo!). I knew back when we did their engagement shoot (which you can see here), that we’d have a ball shooting their wedding 🙂 We’re off to do their winter wonderland trash the dress shoot in a few weeks, so stay tuned for more beautifulness!