Slavic and Sveta were so much fun to shoot! Up for anything, super cute and super in love with each other. Most of the session took place at the gorgeous Peninsula Park in Portland, followed by a few night shots on the famous Steele bridge! Enjoy -xoxostoryboard002 storyboard003storyboard011 storyboard004 storyboard005 storyboard006 storyboard008storyboard007 storyboard010 storyboard012 storyboard015 storyboard016 storyboard017 storyboard020storyboard019 storyboard021 storyboard023 storyboard024 storyboard025 storyboard026 storyboard027storyboard022 storyboard028 storyboard030 storyboard032 storyboard033 storyboard035 storyboard036 storyboard038