I really do have the most incredible couples who are just amazing! I met Yelena when she was a bridesmaid at a wedding I shot in 2010, and I was thrilled to hear from her asking me to shoot her wedding two years later! Yelena and Tim are both super smart and in graduate school, and I loved getting to know them shooting their beautiful engagement photos (which you can see HERE). Time flies and before we knew it, their wedding day was here! Yelena was all smiles and laughs getting ready for the big day in the home of her parents in Portland, and we headed off to downtown for some portraits before the outdoor ceremony at Rock Creek Country Club. The Reception was beautifully decorated and one of the most special times of the night was Tim and Yelena’s first dance as husband and wife… Capturing weddings like this is why I love what I do, so much 🙂