Living two hours away from each other didn’t stop these two from meeting, dating and of course, eventually falling in love 😉 The day of our session was so Portlandy.. gray skies, windy and a chance a of rain. Ha! After contemplating our choices, we decided to just go with it. I packed my trusty flashes and we headed off. The first spot we started at had all this random snow on the ground. Yes, snow. Anna was such a trooper in her short sleeved top, I mean that girl was determined! Night photos (which I just happen to LOVE soo much!) followed in downtown Portland, near the marina. LUCKILY (yes, I said luckily) we were blessed with some rain, and got a few sexy shots with the rain coming down, and these two hiding under a cherry red umbrella 😉 At the end of the shoot before we all jumped into our cars to head our separate ways, Anna realized we totally forgot to use the red roses she had brought, and forgotten in the trunk of the car. Good thing we had parked in an underground parking garage… I looked around and said to them “ok guys, lay on the ground”. I love it when people totally trust me! Yes, I have my crazy moments…hehe. Can’t wait for their upcoming wedding!! Enjoy my favorites 🙂