I deal with love a lot with my career, being a wedding photographer. It’s a job that I love with a passion, a job that never gets old.  I love that I have such an honor to document commitment, the vows two people give to each other. The commitment to become one and love each other until death do they part. And I love the subtle little reminders I get, at the most unexpected times…

I’ve been doing a bit of traveling for work lately, and as I was in the plane, climbing 60,000 feet into the air, my laptop battery exhausted, I was thoughtfully looking out the teeny tiny airplane window… as far as my eye can see there is land. Land filled with forests, farmland, rivers, lakes, buildings, highways, cars, people… and it really dawned on me.

God sees everything. God sees EVERYONE. Every single little one of us, no matter where we are.

Or what we’re doing.

ALL OF THE WORLD. At the same time.

I mean, I guess I kinda always knew that, but it didn’t really HIT me until recently, how SMALL we are, and how BIG God is.

Our brains cant even really wrap around the fact of how big God is. Not only does He see it all, but He loves us more then we can imagine.

Think about it.

As people, if someone hurts us, does something against us we think, ok we’ll forgive them. After all, we’ve known each other for what, 10 years now.

And then they hurt us again. Ok we’ll forgive them twice. I mean people mess up right?

Life goes on, people keep screwing up, we can give a few more chances.

But after a handful of times, we think ok i’m SO done with this. How can I love a person who is always hurting me? I can live without them, I don’t care.

But God isn’t like that.

He loves us more then we can ever fathom. We fall, we sin every day and still, His love is never ending.

Matter of fact, He proved how much He loves us by giving us the thing that mattered most to Him.

His one and only Son. (matthew 3:16)

I think as humans we don’t quite understand it with our litte mortal brains, but He gave us ALL He had! You think He didn’t LOVE His Son? of course He did. But to give us a chance at everlasting life, He made that sacrifice.


And I also think sometimes we forget, that there is another side to it all. A side that doesn’t love us so much.

In fact, HATES us.

With anger and fury.

That side is evil and darkness.

The devil himself.

As humans, we don’t like to dwell on such unpleasant thoughts very often. But its real, and its out there. The devil PRIDES in us being unhappy. A marriage falls apart, he rejoices. We sin, he couldn’t be happier. When a christian falls, hell has a party.

But, theres good news!

While we are alive, we still have the chance at everlasting happiness. Conquer the devil and his deamons and live for our almighty God. By no means am I  saying that I have a perfect and holy life, far from it. But we can all try to love one another.

And press on towards heaven.

T ogether.