When I meet couples that I get the pleasure of working with, I always like to get to know them a little bit better.. how they met, how they got engaged..everyone has their own personal love story 🙂 This one was so romantic! How they met was like a scene out of a movie! I mean seriously…Cristian was Cortney’s ballroom dance instructor 😉 They complete each other SO perfectly! Living life up to its fullest from reverse bungee-jumping, to impromptu getaway vacations, I loved learning about these two!! Cortney is a super fun and athletic girl, who happens to have a super awesome job as a firefighter… and Cristian smarty pants that he is, is studying and knows how to speak a ton of different languages! Oh yes and of course dancing on a professional team that travels around the country for shows! We had a blast shooting around the Portland area, and the pouring rain only motivated me more to get some awesome kissing-in-the-rain shots 😉 Congrats you guys, can’t wait until your wedding in the spring!!